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Shohin Bonsai Shop "Kinokaze" 
Shohin bonsai shop "Kinokaze" meaning the wind of season is the highly sophisticated and unique bonsai shop in Tokyo, featuring only miniature type of bonsai and pots. We are located in Mitaka-shi, in the suburb of Tokyo, only 20 minutes by train from Shibuya Station, or 10 minutes from Kichijyoji station. We have over six hundreds of Bonsai pots, from very small size as 2 cm width to middle size of about 10 cm width, from very well known old craft potters, Yusen, Heian Tofukuji, Hayashi Mokuu, etc. or other professional craft potters. Our bonsai are various species and ages,  such as Matsu(Pine tree), Toshou(Juniper), Choujyubai(Mauls Quince), Mayumi, Gumi, MiyamaKaidou, etc.  
Feel free to call us if you are interested in our shop.  English speaking staff is available.  If you 'd like to visit us, let us know in advance by e-mail. We will give you any detailed information including how to come to the shop, the information on  the bonsai and pots we have. We  welcome any visitors who are interested in Japanese amazing traditional Shohin Bonsai.
Shohin Bonsai Kinokaze  :
Address: Inokashira 2-27-9, Mitaka-shi, Tokyo
TEL: 042-224-7338  
Business day: Friday, Saturday, Sunday. From 11 am to 5 pm.
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